Which MLB Character Are You?

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Hi there! How's your day? I hope it's good. If it's not talk to me and I'll make your beautiful face have a smile :3 Now repeat whit me: How can I be so beautiful?

Ok ok. Here you'll see which Miraculous Ladybug character you are. Don't get sad if you got the mean one or the one you don't like, this quiz doesn't mean your personality is like that. Anyway, enjoy!

Created by: h0n3y_lia
  1. What's your gender?
  2. What's your favourite color? (yeah don't kill me pls)
  3. What's your eye color?
  4. What's your hair color?
  5. What's your skin tone?
  6. What are your best traits?
  7. What are your worst traits?
  8. Would you be a superhero or a villain?
  9. If you saw someone trip and fall would you help her/him or ignore her/him?
  10. If you were a superhero would you tell your identity to others?
  11. What's your zodiac element?
  12. This is all, bye!

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Quiz topic: Which MLB Character am I?