why are you so darn stupid?

there sre many stupid people,but few know why they are.A stupid person is a person lacking intellect. A person who is just slower than the rest of us. of course,nobody knows for sure.

so...are YOU stupid?? Do you want to find out? until now you could only hurt your brain thinking about it, but thanks to me and my super duper great quiz you will soon find out the answer...WHY????

Created by: lashayla

  1. how do you spell t-o-m-a-t-o-e-s?
  2. zombies are taking over the world what would you do?
  3. a tree falls in the forest...where will you be?
  4. why did you take this quiz?
  5. if i have 0 candies,and you have 0 candies,how many candies do we have?
  6. if i gave you 3 footballs,what do you eat for beakfast?
  7. if you created a quiz what would you call it?
  8. voting is like?
  9. if got to meet the president...what would you wear?
  10. what do you call a loser with no life?

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Quiz topic: Why am I so darn stupid?