Who will you date?

This quiz will help you ditermine ifthe guy you have your eye on is the one for you. This will also tell how ell you actually know this person. If I took this for one of the people I like it would be a breez but for the other person I might have a little bit of trouble with. But this was fun making it just hope it will be fun taking it!!!!

Do you know the guy you cant stop staring at? Do you know every little detail about what is happaning in their life? Hopful you answered "yes" to only one of those because the last one would be kind of creepy. But this will help you diside if you should keep going for that one or two guys. BUT DON'T TAKE ALL OF THE ADVICE! THIS IS JUST BASICLY IN MY WORLD BUT IT COULD WORK FOR YOU TOO!

Created by: Katie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which do you like better?
  2. Which hairstyle do you like?
  3. What outfit for them?
  4. eye color
  5. What is their favorite color?
  6. Perfect date
  7. How many girlfriends before you?
  8. Parent(s) nice level (1 being the worst 6 being the best)
  9. How many friends do they have?
  10. Is this quiz fun?

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Quiz topic: Who will I date?