Who is Your WWE Boyfriend?

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Welcome everyone! This is my third quiz under this account, thank you for coming to take this quiz! In this quiz you will be asked to find who your WWE boyfriend is!

This is for any gender and any sexuality, we don’t judge here! If you do not watch WWE, then I don’t think this quiz is for you! Have fun and enjoy! Thank you!

Created by: YouTubePrincess13
  1. Let’s start off with the basics...when’s your birthday?
  2. When’s your birthday (continued)
  3. Which of these zodiac signs look the most interesting or compatible to you?
  4. What do you want in a guy Looks only!
  5. Do you even watch the WWE?
  6. Do you like accents? Examples- British, Scottish, Australian.
  7. What do you want in a guy personality only!
  8. What’s your favorite move?
  9. Would you interfere with a match to let your (boy/girl)friend or teammates win?
  10. What would you do if you got attacked from behind?
  11. Which of these names do you like best for the WWE (For girls only)
  12. Which of these names would you like for the WWE (boy only)
  13. Who do you want to get?
  14. Let fate decide,
  15. Would you rather be a heel, face,or both For those who don’t know- a heel is the bad person, who not many people like a face is the good guy who everyone likes! 🙂
  16. Who would you team up with? For any match- mixed tag or regular!
  17. What persona would you like to play?
  18. One word to describe you
  19. Who would be your girl best friend?
  20. Who would be your boy best friend?
  21. Do you prefer heels over faces?
  22. If your favorite wrestler was retiring early what would you do?
  23. Would you get emotional on tv?
  24. Are you ready to see your results?

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