Who is your spirit dragon?

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Spirit dragons, ghostly forms of the flying reptile. They have names and they talk unlike some spirits do. My spirit dragon is Mira... and I am still alive.

Who is your spirit dragon? If yours is Raven, GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE!!! Besides that, you will unlock the mysteries of who has been talking to you for deep inside your head. Its a spooky thought huh?

Created by: KleineDragon

  1. what do like out of all of these?
  2. You play ______.
  3. What do you eat
  4. ???
  5. I ____ you
  6. Ugh, whats your favorite color?
  7. what do you normally do?
  8. Bye
  9. nope
  10. Okay, now I say bye

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Quiz topic: Who is my spirit dragon?