who is your olympian parent

are you having trouble finding out who your goddly parent is do you wonder about your perentage then come take this quiz to find out what cabin you would belong in at camp half-blood

good luck to you hope this quiz brings you even closer to half-blood hilll. and when you get there come and give a big oll hug to percy for me and tell him alexis sent you

Created by: Alexis
  1. if you were at camp half blood what would you do first
  2. what is your wepon of choice
  3. who would be your friends
  4. who do you look up to
  5. are you fearless
  6. what is your idea of fun
  7. do you know your parents
  8. do you find me anoying
  9. how bout now
  10. who do you think your parent is

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Quiz topic: Who is my olympian parent