Who is your Harry Potter boyfriend?

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Heyy! Wanna find out who is your Harry Potter boyfriend? well .. just answer these questions and you'll know who is it !!!! I know who is mine ,let's find out yours!!

Remember that you have answer sincerely .. do not pick an option just because it looks like it describes your Harry Potter boy...so this is all i ask .Good luck and remember :HAVE FUN!!

Created by: Daria Cservenszki

  1. Dark wizard or Good wizard?
  2. Which house are you in?
  3. Dark Lord or Harry Potter?
  4. Who is your favorite professor?
  5. What would you do if you wake up at 3 am with your boyfriend?
  6. What is you dream boy like?
  7. What's your favorite colour?
  8. Your favorite Harry Potter movie?
  9. Your animal at Hogwarts would be:
  10. Which one

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Quiz topic: Who is my Harry Potter boyfriend?