who is your greek parent

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there are some demigods in this world who do stupid things. like leave camp half blood, charge into battle or try to fight the strongest i hope your not one of them

Whos YOUR godly parent. dont know?. well your about to find. theres the 14 olympians. zeus, poseidon and hades(big three)hestia, hera, demeter, ares, hermes, apollo, artemis, aphrodite, hepheastus, dinysous and athena

Created by: nobody
  1. what do you do on your free time
  2. whats your favorite color
  3. whats more important to you
  4. what kind of weapon do you use
  5. what greek god/goddess do you like most
  6. what power do you want
  7. who do you like most
  8. what side would you join
  9. what style of clothing would you wear
  10. what animal do you like most

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Quiz topic: Who is my greek parent