Who is your Everglow bias?

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Are you a Forever? And you can't select a bias? Well..., it's normal. 'cause they all are cute and talented. My quiz will help you to find out your real bias.

This is my first quiz in my entire life! So feel free to rate and comment (Plz don't be rude.) Without any more talking let's get started. Hope you will enjoy!

Created by: AneRovindi

  1. Which food do you hate the most? (starting with a food question lol)
  2. You are good at...
  3. If you were in a K-pop group, you will be...
  4. Your role model is...
  5. You are...
  6. Do you have a pet?
  7. What is your favorite food?
  8. Here comes the dumb question...Who is your bias?
  9. What is your hobby?
  10. Finally... What do you think of my quiz? (this doesn't effect your results)

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Quiz topic: Who is my Everglow bias?