Who is Your Bakugan Boyfriend?

This is a Quiz about which 3rd series Bakugan Boy you truly would love! I think that personally i would choose Shun, Maybe you like Dan or Marucho? Or maybe Jake OR Ren?

Do you really want to know? Then try this Quiz. For fun, or the true answers. Take this quiz to find out who you'd love if you ended up in Bakugan land with all the Brawlers!

Created by: Jade Valentine
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  1. Do you Like quiet people?
  2. Do you Like loud people?
  3. Do you like short people?
  4. Do you like bad boys?
  5. Black hair?
  6. Do you like Rich people?
  7. Are you good at comforting people?
  8. Do you like a good laugh?
  9. Would you ask him out?
  10. Would he ask you out?
  11. Do you like them back or do you just like Pie?

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Quiz topic: Who is my Bakugan Boyfriend?