Who is this Clone?

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Few people love Star Wars. In fact, many people are forgetting about it. That's why I love the most imoportant thing about it; EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE .

I admit I'm very nerdy, but that doesn't stop me from liking anything from the Lucasfilm franchise. Many people don't like it and sometimes ignore me, but they deal with it.

Created by: Kyler Winkler

  1. What was CT-96/298's 2nd nickname?
  2. Korbel was a,
  3. Rex was a
  4. Jet's Jedi general is
  5. Jag's full nickname is
  6. Ganch was part of
  7. Buzz died by
  8. Waxer's partner was
  9. Bly was a
  10. Blackout was part of

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