Who Are You In Your Friendship Group?

Ever wanted to know what you contribute to your friendship group? Well look no more as this quiz will solve your questions! Take the test to find out!

Once again this quiz is only based on your chosen answers and does not necessarily define you as a person. I hope it gave you an insight into how others perceive you.

Created by: Mintie

  1. You have been put in a group of strangers for a task. Do you:
  2. How would you best describe yourself?
  3. Pick a colour:
  4. When arranging to meet up with your peers, do you:
  5. When one of your friend's parents have become seriously ill, do you:
  6. Why are you doing this quiz?
  7. Pick an animal to describe yourself:
  8. What character trait do you show the most of?
  9. When upset, do you:
  10. Finally have you enjoyed this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Who am I In my Friendship Group?