Who Are You Most Like CeCe Jones or Rocky Blue?

Hope you like the quiz. I'm mostly like Cece Jones, and my best friend is like Rocky, so we are friends well very very good friend lol haha got to go cya bye :).

Rocky is awesome and so is Cece. They are sorta similar and luv good times together a lot, like movies, meet boys and like to do almost everything together.

Created by: ashlee

  1. Do you like knitting?
  2. Do you like to do karate?
  3. Who do you like as a bestie?
  4. Who do you like as a bestie?
  5. Do you luv fashion?
  6. Are you smart of dumb at school?
  7. Are you boy crazy?
  8. Do you luv shake it up?
  9. Are you a animal lover?
  10. Do you have any pets?

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Quiz topic: Who am I Most Like CeCe Jones or Rocky Blue?