Which weapon is by your side?

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Ever wondered what weapon would suit you best, protecting you and helping you along your adventures? Find out here. Wether it be axe or bow, let it be what really is. et your weapon's soul choose if you are right for it.

Choose each question carefully though, or your battle will not be won with the wrong weapon, so choose wisely and be honest, think, is this really what I am imagining? Good luck, be wise and honest, choose with your soul.

Created by: Dunni

  1. Imagine you are in your ideal battleground. You are fighting your worst enemy. Which location sounds most like the place you imagine now?
  2. In front of you, who is there, preparing to cast it's weapon?
  3. What is the enemy weapon? What is it most like?
  4. Which nightmare would scare you most?
  5. What is your ideal armour?
  6. Black, white, red or blue?
  7. Bronze, gold, silver or wood?
  8. When you fight or argue, you feel...
  9. Your gemstone is...
  10. Finally, what pet accompanies you?

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Quiz topic: Which weapon is by my side?