Which Warrior Cat Are You?

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Hey! This is the first quiz I have EVER done! Hope you enjoy. I am a total warriors dork so please don't mind me. If you don't like the cat that is chosen - don't worry you can always try again :)

I send enjoyable vibes - You send good vibes. Make the vibes happen. I'm not into bad vibes. If you don't like bad vibes then welcome to the good vibe fam. Enjoy.

Created by: HighOnFiber
  1. What is your fur texture?
  2. What is your desired rank?
  3. Choose a personality feature.
  4. What is your favourite colour fur out of these? ( I'm British! )
  5. Are you a single pringle or are you taken bacon?
  6. Do you have any disabilities?
  7. Sizes?
  8. Favourite ' Power Of Three ' character?
  9. Your cats gender...?
  10. Will you have kits?
  11. Which name is your favourite out of these 6?
  12. Are you a fan of Warrior Cats?
  13. Colour eyes?

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Quiz topic: Which Warrior Cat am I?