Which Twilight Girl Are You Most Like??

do you want to know what twilight girl you are?? you may think you're bella.. but you're truely alice.. come here to find out!! hve fun with this quiz!!

come find out what girl from twilight you are!! take this quiz even if you dont like twilight.. find out who you truley are!!! i have to keep writing so they'll let me make it... okay, have fun with this!!

Created by: Bella
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Would you risk your life for the person you love?
  2. Are you outgoing?
  3. What would you rather do on the weekends?
  4. What kind of guy would you want to date?
  5. What would you stay your style is?
  6. Are you popular?
  7. Do you like classical music?
  8. What season do you like the most?
  9. Human or vampire?
  10. Pick one!
  11. Last question.. DID YOU LIKE THIS QUIZ?? (no effect on score)

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Quiz topic: Which Twilight Girl am I Most Like??