Which Turning Red Character Are You?

Ever wondered what character you are from turning red? This quiz will determine who you are. (BTW I love this movie, and I've already watched it 5 times.)

You're either, Meilin Lee, Miriam, Priya, Ming, Tyler, or Abby! So hop to it! (I need more dialogue........ Much more, much much much much much more...)

Created by: McDoodleFarting

  1. Do like the, "Turning Red" movie?
  2. Who's your favorite character?
  3. Do you like Mei Mei's hair red or brown?
  4. How do you like red pandas?
  5. What's your favorite color?
  6. What music do you like?
  7. Which one of these animals do you like best?
  8. Are you an artist?
  9. How old be ye?
  10. How did you like this quiz? (Doesn't effect your score)
  11. Bye

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Quiz topic: Which Turning Red Character am I?