Which sturgeon family member are you[Quiz Title Here]

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We are humans we are none of your humans and we are one of the most family like humans we are appealing to everyone we like different thinks than you do we are humans just like you

Created by: Mary
  1. Which is your best talent
  2. What is your weakness
  3. If you are in a bad situation with your children how would you handle it
  4. If you talk to your mother you ask her
  5. If you were playing dungeons and dragons what would your character be
  6. You are with your grand mother green/mother/mother in law and you ask her
  7. If you have no boyfriend how would you react
  8. Which one of these people would u hang out with
  9. Which one of these is most appealing
  10. Hi
  11. By

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Quiz topic: Which sturgeon family member am I[Quiz Title Here]