Which St Clares girl are you?

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There are eight of the St Clares books. most of them are by Enid blyton but some are By Pamela Cox. Each of the characters has a different personallity.

Have you read all of the St Clares books and wondered which character you are most like? Hilary, Janet,Fern,Carlotta,Alison or the twins? Take this quuiz to find out!

Created by: Zara
  1. There a new girl at school! She's got the face of an angel...Do you:
  2. The new girl borrows your new pencil(which was very expensive) Do you:
  3. Your best friend was just told she was head girl although you deserved it. Do you:
  4. Theres a french test tommorow - which you're sure to fail..Do you:
  5. You've been called up to miss Theobald..You:
  6. The Sports Captain has called you to her study. Do you:
  7. There's a midnight feast.. and you hear footsteps..Do you:
  8. Your stuff has gone missing..first it was a shoelace but now it's your favourite photo of your family! Do you:
  9. Your mother has had a terrible accident...and she can't afford to send you to St Clares! Do you:
  10. Someone has just told your whole form a secret about you..which you didn't wan't anyone to know. Do you:

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Quiz topic: Which St Clares girl am I?