Which SKET Dance character are you?

SKET Dance is very funny anime. It's interesting and unical. But this is the only one quiz for now for it. You can see are you Yuuske, Tsubaki, Hime or Usui.

Which SKET Dance character are you? Are you Bossun? Are you Hime or Usui? Or maybe Tsubaki? If you make this quiz you will see which of theese SKET Dance chatacter are you!

Created by: zero
  1. If you have a free afternoon:
  2. If the door os locked;
  3. You favourite thing:
  4. You favourite thing:
  5. For the school clubs:
  6. What is you hobby?
  7. Your favourite movie genre:
  8. The perfect anime character must be:
  9. Do you have a doyfriend\girlfriend?
  10. You want to have:

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Quiz topic: Which SKET Dance character am I?