Which Shortland Street Character Are You? (2018)?

See what character from the nz soap opera “Shortland street” you are!!! I hope you enjoy it and I’m putting heaps of words here cause it says I have to have a certain amount ugh smh >:/

Find out if you’re more like Dawn, Damo, Dylan, Harper and many more... (2018 characters only) yea hopefully this is actually good you can give me feedback if ya want.

Created by: Alana :)
  1. Which quality describes you best?
  2. Which kind of job is most appealing to you?
  3. Who would most likely be your best friend if you lived in Ferndale?
  4. What colour hair do you have?
  5. How many friends do you have?
  6. What would you normally do after work?
  7. Which sounds the most fun?
  8. What kind of people do you seem to like more?
  9. Which animal do you prefer?
  10. Pick a job

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Quiz topic: Which Shortland Street Character am I? (2018)?