Which coronation street character are you?

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Do any of you guys watch corrie? If so then you will know exactly who I am talking about! All of the characters put all of there time into making a programme for all of us to see. How's much do you love corrie?

Love corrie, watch corrie whatever you do take this awesome quiz and find out what character you are most like! Don't worry it's not that bad. JUST GIVE IT A GO! :)

Created by: Deena

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like coronation street?
  2. Would you join coronation street?
  3. Fave colour?
  4. Do you like taking photos?
  5. Where would you want to live out of the following?
  6. Are you a girly girl, tomboy or just fashionable?
  7. What animal would you want to be?
  8. Faveroute couple on corrie out of the following?
  9. Favourite place out of the following on corrie?
  10. What's your fave corrie family out of the following?
  11. Who do you think has played the most evil so far out of the following?

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Quiz topic: Which coronation street character am I?