Which Role Would You Have In A Story?

Ok, this is my new quiz! I hope you enjoy it. You can be a protag, an antag, and bff, or a love interest. Which one are you? Find out in this new quiz :)


Created by: Cinnamon_Roll

  1. Which trait fits you more?
  2. Do you like romance?
  3. Which word are you most drawn to?
  4. Choose a love song
  5. Is crying a sign of weakness?(In your vision)
  6. Be loved and poor or be hated and rich?
  7. Pick a color, any color
  8. Choose a Star Wars movie out of these
  9. Finish this sentence(As in how you would like it to end) "Let's go..."
  10. Ok, bye!(this does affect your results btw)

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