Which Rent character are you?

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Is everyone in Rent too sexy for you to focus on which one you relate to most? Or are your eyes too filled with tears from the second act to see? Are you too busy harmonizing?

Do you want to use a Rent character instead of your zodiac sign as an excuse for your behaviour? Like, "sorry, I'm a Benny" Well, let's find out what character you are!

Created by: Alba

  1. In social situations you...
  2. In your free time you're...
  3. Which musical would you want to see?
  4. Something you like about your personality
  5. Something you don't like about your personality
  6. Favorite Rent bop?
  7. Do you skip every song after Happy New Year A? Be honest
  8. Choose a clothing item
  9. Do you like Christmas?
  10. That's it! Did you enjoy the quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Rent character am I?