Which Redwall Otter are you?

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This quiz, depending on the answers you give, decides which Redwall Otter you are. You need to have read the Redwall Series to do this quiz or you will have to guess a lot of the answers.

Did you enjoy the Redwall Series? This quiz is dedicated to my Uncle Brady and my dad Quinn. If you did, then you will very likely enjoy this Redwall Otter quiz. Are you ready?Here goes....

Created by: Deyna the Taggerung.

  1. If you could pick your enemy, what creature would it be?
  2. What weapon would you choose?
  3. Where would you fight?
  4. What creature would you be?
  5. Where would you live?
  6. Who would you have as a friend?
  7. What would you wear?
  8. Which is your favorite Dibbun?
  9. Who would you fight?
  10. Which is Your favorite book?
  11. Who would you rather be?
  12. Which name fits you?
  13. Which creature is your favorite?

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Quiz topic: Which Redwall Otter am I?