Which Redwall creature are you? (specials!!)

You have entered the great world of Redwall! There are many places to travel to, many dangers, and friends. (plus enemies) In this quiz, you will find out which special creature from Redwall you are!

In this quiz you can get Badger, Wild Cat, Wolf, Hedgehog, Vole, Ermine, Polecat, Sparrow, and Falcon. Take the quiz to find out which one you are most like! (sadly there are no Moles or Toads in this quiz...)

Created by: V-8

  1. Your home is being attacked by another army! What would you do?
  2. You see an injured sparrow. What would you do?
  3. You work best...
  4. What is more important when on an adventure?
  5. You hear of your future. What is your reaction.
  6. You are hungry, and a Mole invites you into there home. What do you say?
  7. A proper title is...?
  8. What food would you go for first?
  9. I side with...
  10. In life you are...

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Quiz topic: Which Redwall creature am I? (specials!!)