Which political ideology of the modern world are you?

This political characteristics test was made with the intention of being serious and similar to how politics work in the modern world, therefore, due to the limits of the application, I haven't been able to be as precise as I wanted, on the other hand, I hope you enjoy the test

It's also worth clarifying that this is my first test, therefore constructive criticism is totally welcome and on that way i can learn about how improve my test later

Created by: DK11
  1. Who should control the means of production?
  2. How much should the state control the market?
  3. What kind of treatment should we have on international trade?
  4. We should seek to establish a strong welfare state that guarantees protection and basic services to citizens?
  5. Should we guarantee a democratic and multiparty system where attention is paid to different opinions?
  6. "Everything within the state nothing outside the state nothing against the state"
  7. "The state must focus mainly on guaranteeing security, justice and providing individual rights"
  8. When should the state intervene in the online activities of citizens?
  9. "We must mix with other cultures and races to have greater diversity and better cooperation between individuals"
  10. "The promotion and preservation of the characteristic traditions of the country must be guaranteed"
  11. Do you consider that gender ideology is a serious problem in which we must fight against it?
  12. What type of immigration model should we have regarding immigration?
  13. "NATO is currently the best military organization in the world"
  14. Which is your position on the conflict between Ukraine and Russia?
  15. Which is your position on the conflict between Palestine and Israel?
  16. "If there is a country that lives under an authoritarian regime, it is our duty to intervene and establish a democracy"

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Quiz topic: Which political ideology of the modern world am I?