Which Percy Jackson Girl Are You?

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Hey there! In this quiz, you will discover which Percy Jackson girl you are. I’m afraid Thalia Grace is not included, but the other girls are all unique and powerful.

You will also learn a little more about your assigned character, like their powers, godly parents and more! Please also note that this includes Heroes of Olympus.

Created by: ginnyandluna
  1. Who Would Be Your Greek Godly Parent?
  2. Which animal do you prefer?
  3. What qualities do you value most?
  4. Which guy do you like most?
  5. Pick a weapon?
  6. Pick an emoji?
  7. What is your ideal outfit?
  8. What insult would you give your boyfriend?
  9. Pick a power:
  10. Who do you think you’ll get (this will not affect your answers)?

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Quiz topic: Which Percy Jackson Girl am I?