Which One of the Trouble Trio Are You? (Tommyinnit, Tubbo, )

This is something i did while i was bored the trouble trio is Tommyinnit, Tubbo_, and Wilbursoot W e l l h e l l o t o d a y o n t h i s f i n e d a y

P l s n o h a t e - I s o m e h o w h a v e t o f i l l t h i s s p a c e s i g n o r e t h i s p l s h e y h o w a r e y o u t o d a y o n t h i s f i n e d a y ?

Created by: Danielle

  1. Whats your favorite minecraft animal?(Out of these)
  2. Which one of these traits best describe you best?
  3. Who do you simp for?(Does not effect your score im just curious)
  4. Which do you perfer?(Also does not effect your score)
  5. Which power would you want?
  6. Which one?
  7. Do you simp for Dream?
  8. Do you dislike Eret?
  9. Who are you in your friend group?
  10. Did you have fun?

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Quiz topic: Which One of the Trouble Trio am I? (Tommyinnit, Tubbo, )