Which one of my Warrior cat OC are you?

So in this quiz you will follow three different POV the first one who is the longer one is the one of the Medicine cat he begin as a kit and become a medicine cat the second one is the deputy and the last one is a secret

I'm so sorry for spelling mistake i'm not english ^^" this quiz is made for Warrior cat fan like me there is four awnser everytime expect for the last one when the POV swich don't worry i will tell also they might be a part 2 if you liked and want a part 2 of this quiz! bye bye

Created by: Sherrymille

  1. Your name is Crowkit your mother tell you to play whit the other kits you...
  2. You are finally an Apprentice but a Med apprentice you look at your sister Cinderpaw she was looking at you whit anger you
  3. You go to the Moonpool alone because your Mentor have to help someone and you find a kittens what do you do?
  4. you notice blood on the kitten fur and notice that they eyes are bleeding what do you do?
  5. (in this situation you helped the kit yourself) You finish helping the kit and notice that it worked! the kitten tell that her name is Dream you decide to
  6. You are made Medicine cat after your mentor died. Two moon after the kit that you save go on your heard like usual and tell you she like you more than friend you
  7. (this time we swich POV you are Cinderwater the Deputy) You were planning Patrol when you see the medicine cat and the loner he saved how do you react?
  8. (here you decide to talk to him) You talk to the medicine cat about what you saw he become angry and tell he would never betray his clanand not whit a annoying cat like HER what do you do?
  9. (Swich POV again now you are the previous Med cat in starclan) You and the other member of starclan decide to give power to one cat of each its your turn to choose one cat of your clan you choose..
  10. (final question you are back to CrowTail POV the med cat and starclan choose Cloudkit to be whit power he also is now your apprentice) You go to the moonpool whit your apprentice Cloudpaw and notice he is nervous what do you do?

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Quiz topic: Which one of my Warrior cat OC am I?