Which Once Upon A Time character is most like you?

Hello! This is my first quiz! I’m a massive fan of Ouat, so this has been fun to make. The quiz is pretty self explanatory in the title, Which Once Upon a Time Character are you?

There are seven questions, and there are ten possible characters you could be like, I wish I could have done all of them but I didn’t have time:( Most of the questions are related to the show. Anyway, enjoy!

Created by: Rebecca Kerwin has

  1. How do you describe yourself?
  2. What weapon would you use to kill a dragon?
  3. Favourite food/drink?
  4. Hogwarts House?
  5. Favourite season?
  6. Favourite fairytale as a child?
  7. Love is...
  8. Favourite song from the musical episode?
  9. Favourite Realm?
  10. What profession would you have in the Enchanted Forest?

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