Which Olsen Twin are You

the olsen twins have become less famous, but they're still there. are you a true olsen twin fan like me? Find out with this awesome quiz! Peace out

Are you an olsen twin? are you Girly ashley or tomboy Mary-Kate? find out by taking this quiz. Hopefully you are happy with this result. Peace!

Created by: 2001SIRENSRULE!!!
  1. What is your favorite color
  2. what is your favorite sport
  3. what colors do you usually wear
  4. did you ever have a speech inpediment as a kid
  5. Are you the oldest or youngest
  6. Are you the oldest or youngest
  7. which twin is your favorite (no effect)
  8. hello
  9. trying to fill up space
  10. almost done
  11. bye

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Quiz topic: Which Olsen Twin am I