Are you my long lost twin?

Twins can be identical, or fraternal. But we aren't talking about those types of twins! The Angel family is a group of special people like me, who call themselves angels. We are incredibly diverse in personality and our names start with "A." We have a sweeet way of living. If you're my twin, you're an angel too!

Are you an ANGEL? What's your A name? If you get my twin on here, we'll figure that out awfully soon. If not, I'm afraid you don't belong to the Angel family. That's okay, cuz' you wouldn't like it, anyways!

Created by: Saratheamaze

  1. Hello, this may be a long quiz. Get ready!
  2. First actual question. One Direction. Discuss.
  3. Sleeping With Sirens. Discuss.
  4. Halestorm. Discuss.
  5. The next few questions will have to do with appearance. Don't take it too seriously, kay?
  6. What natural color hair do you have?
  7. Skin tone?
  8. Eyes?
  9. Next few will be about social labeling / mainstream stuff. Idk what they call it.
  10. What do people label yourself as?
  11. What do you label yourself as? (If yours isn't shown, just click the last one.
  12. Twitter? Myspace? Instagram? Facebook?
  13. Mainstream? Yay or nay?
  14. Next few questions will be related to music.
  15. Pick a theme song for yourself.
  16. How long is your playlist on spotify?
  17. Next questions will be random, that don't fit into a category.
  18. Do you like tea, darling?
  19. Dear darling, are you slightly bipolar?
  20. Alice in Wonderland?
  21. ADHD?
  22. Are you in a band?
  23. If you were in a band *And extremely talented* What would you name it?
  24. What position in a band would you like to fufill?
  25. By the way, if you are my name, my name is Ari Angel. So welcome to the Angel family! I will have a quiz on that later!

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Quiz topic: Am I my long lost twin?