Which of the three sannin are you most like

You can have the power of one of the three legendary sannin tsunade, orochimaru, or jiriya who do you want to be ill bet you'll have the results you want just keep trying

If you get the results you want tell all your friends about the best quiz you ever tokk in you life and im sure it was did you get the results that you wanted keep takining until you get the results you want

Created by: michale
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Will you do anything to obtain power
  2. Would you kill the third hokage
  3. do you think it would be cool to be hokage
  4. Which animal would you pefere to use
  5. Do you like saskue
  6. Do you like naruto
  7. Do you like sakura
  8. Do you like the first hokage
  9. Do stay stationary in one place or do you move around alot
  10. Which person do you perfer
  11. What is your favorite color

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Quiz topic: Which of the three sannin am I most like