Which of the Encanto Family Children/Gran Children Are You!?

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Heyy, guys! Thanks so much for checking out another fun quiz by ElliCottleAmazin, it means a lot to me that you guys keep supporting my quizzes!! So, based on the new smash hit Disney Encanto movie I created a quiz to figure out which character you are from the movie, and therefore what your gift would be! No one knows you better than you, so plz answer honestly!

Okay, so some of the questions are about relationships, appearance, personal preference and psychological personality. This will help find a character that's most relatable to you! If you are unhappy with your result, feel free to retake, but remember-there's nothing wrong with being YOU, (basically the theme of the entire movie) so, try to enjoy what you get naturally! Good luck!

Created by: Elli Cottle Amazin
  1. First off, are you a boy or a girl?
  2. Next, for everyone's *favorite* question, what's your favorite color
  3. Pick your fave combo of animals...
  4. Describe your relationship with your family:
  5. Now...the constant question: Are you a perfectionist?
  6. Do you fear change?
  7. Do people tell you you're pretty?
  8. Which of these is a flaw of yours? Be Honest! No ONE WILL SEE THIS SO WHO CARES!?
  9. Are You Weird?
  10. Which of these non-Encanto powers sounds best?
  11. Lastly, pick a fate!
  12. Oh, sry! One more: Which activity sounds the most appealing to you?

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Quiz topic: Which of the Encanto Family Children/Gran Children am I!?