Which MLP Princess are You?

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Welcome to my quiz. My name is Princess Luna and I am going to be showing you the possibilities of your closest princess so that you may support them.

Please note, all of the princesses are great and no matter who you get do not hate you or the princess that way there is no hate. Thanks bye bye!!!!!!!

Created by: Luna

  1. Waffles or Pancakes?
  2. Pen or Pencil?
  3. You wake up one day and find that you have turned into an earth pony. What would you do?
  4. Which is you favorite?
  5. FATE!!!
  6. sdrawkcab siht rewsna
  7. Random! Which appeals to you?
  8. OK IM SORRY! Which is your favorite? (DONT HATE MEEEEEEEEE!!!)
  9. Do you like Derpy Hooves?
  10. FATE AGAIN!!!!!

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Quiz topic: Which MLP Princess am I?