Which Mha Villian will you marry?(from class 1A)

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ok so, this is my mha villian class 1 a quiz. the people who are in this quiz is denki, bakugo, deku, and shoto(mine) the next box explains the quiz!!

ok i am explaining the quiz. each choice will have a rp. deku calls you doll and likes hide and seek. bakugo calls you teddy bear and he likes the bar. denki calls you pikachu and the bar too. and shoto calls you anything not teddy, doll, and pikachu.

Created by: Akemi^^
  1. ok firstly, fav color
  2. fav food
  3. fav animal
  4. fav mha girl
  5. fav mha boy
  6. fav villian
  7. fav 2nd color
  8. uhm fav cat
  9. fav dog
  10. bye

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Quiz topic: Which Mha Villian will I marry?(from class 1A)