Which mha boy likes you?

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Okay so uhm idk what to say there’s only 10 questions btw and you probably know what this quiz is about cause you PROBABLY read the title I guess uhhh

So uhm how are you I really honestly don’t know what to say I swear 😭💀 uhm so here’s the abcs here abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz and uhm lol uhmmmmmkkk

Created by: e y e l e s s

  1. Favorite color
  2. Favorite quirk?
  3. Okay so uhmm whos your favorite boy?
  4. Okay so uh mineta asks to go to the water park with you you do what
  5. Okay so let’s pretend you said yes now you two are at the water park you say something to mineta what is it
  6. Okay so denki wants to go to the park with you.you say..
  7. You and sero are hanging out taking a walk sero falls face first on to the concrete you..
  8. Okay so you see kirishima crying what do you do?
  9. Bakugou wants to hang out with you after class you..
  10. Lol I need one more question so uhm

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