Which MCYT are you?

This was supposed to be a joke but I guess I actually did it. Im tired and have to fill it like 50 more characters so i'm just rambling. holt crap how much do I have to write here.

dude, I hate the fact I have to write all these stupid paragraphs. I don't understand. I am so tired of making this stupid quiz please let me leave. why.

Created by: Ihavenonamelol
  1. how aggressive are you?
  2. Your base is ambushed unexpectedly. None of your teammates are online and you are decently outnumbered. what do you do?
  3. Which weapon do you prefer?
  4. What social media do you use most?
  5. How often do you play video games?
  6. What is closest to your personality?
  7. Are you social?
  8. What is your normal clothing attire?
  9. Im too lazy for this quiz

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Quiz topic: Which MCYT am I?