Which Maze Runner Character are You?

Inside famed James Dashner's Maze Runner series, you will find several characters inside, and you may find yourselves liking them. But do you know which one you ARE? Find out now.

Will you be Thomas, the real leader? Teresa, the betrayer? Minho, the brute? Or Newt, the smart one? Which one will you get? P.S. It's not my fault if you get an opposite gender person, there are FAR too many guys in the book!

Created by: Geraldine
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  1. Your being chased by Rat Man but your friend is hurt. What do you do?
  2. Your given specific instructions to kill your best friend by WICKED, it's for a good cause but still. What would you do?
  3. Your best friend was just captured by WICKED, you have a choice to let him live but you have to help WICKED, or let him die and walk freely.
  4. Your friend dies in your hands, how do you react?
  5. Your supposed best friend betrays you, how do react?
  6. Your stabbed in the back, what are your LAST WORDS?
  7. Who are you?
  8. Who do you want? This may or may not affect final score!
  9. A man calls you weak, dumb, and retarded, what's your reaction?
  10. Hi

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Quiz topic: Which Maze Runner Character am I?