Which Male Naruto Character is Best for You?

Oh, hi there. I assume you want to find out which Naruto character has feelings for you. I put together a little personality quiz for you. This quiz is meant for females, but anyone can take it. All you have to do is answer the questions honestly for more accurate results.

So, I will refer to you as (y/n). For example: "Hello (y/n), how are you?" I'll ask a bunch of different questions and you'll read and respond to them.

Created by: Grace :))

  1. Hey, (y/n)! I'm going to ask you a dreaded but necessary question . . . What's your favorite color? :')
  2. What's your favorite food? :))
  3. Now, I'm going to have some characters ask you questions. "Naruto!! You're up!" Naruto: "Hey (y/n)! I have a good question. How persistent are you?"
  4. "Sasuke, your turn." Sasuke: "Hey. So, did you have a rough childhood?"
  5. "Kiba, ask a question!" Kiba: "Are you well-connected to nature?"
  6. "Kakashi, put your book down and ask the reader a question." Kakashi: "Hm, if you were unable to be a shinobi, what would your career be?"
  7. "Shikamaru, you can stop napping and ask a question." Shikamaru: "Hey (y/n). How calculated are your decisions?"
  8. "Neji, your turn." Neji: "Hello, what's your favorite hobby?"
  9. Well, it's time for RP. :> (answer doesn't matter :p)
  10. You're going for a walk with your boy best friend, when he suddenly blurts out: "I love you-" . . . What do you do?
  11. You and your boyfriend have only been dating for a few weeks. He invites you over for dinner and a movie. Halfway through the movie, he starts running his hands on your chest and hips. What do you do?
  12. You and a teammate are out on a scouting mission, when suddenly, a few cloaked men appear and run off with your teammate. How do you react?
  13. RP's over :> (answer doesn't matter)
  14. I hope you enjoyed the quiz <3 Feel free to retake it to get all the results :) (answers don't matter)

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