Which legendary Pokmon are you

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Hey live long with these silly 😜 questions and live a silly and funny life!!! Have fun with your life!!!! { It’s not going to last long!!!! } bye bye!!!

[remember…… always have a horrible life and I’m always looking forward with a good smile on your face when you do this quiz!!!!!!! ] yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Created by: ZacianVMAX

  1. Which animal are you?
  2. Which Pokémon do you like best
  3. Do you like bee’s? 🐝
  4. What age are you?
  5. How much do you poop?
  6. Are you an alien 👽?
  7. Jahbvnw jkvmqgjgk?
  8. Are you a bee 🐝?
  9. Are you a baby?
  10. Do you Like taking selfies?

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