which kights of the old republic sith are you?

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which old republic sith are you more like? well if you were wondering that lets see which one you are really more like on the quiz right over here!! :)

i will ask you 10 questions this will tell you which one you will be chosse wisley my friends you just might get your favorite villain of the old republic

Created by: star wars fan HK4751
  1. what is you prefered type of lightsaber
  2. where would you like to die
  3. how much lightsabers?
  4. who would your companion be
  5. how many games are you in?
  6. if you would destroy a planet which one?
  7. is your character canon?
  8. what is you goal
  9. tell my again is your character canon?
  10. your favourite phrase

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Quiz topic: Which kights of the old republic sith am I?