Which kanto starter are you

Taking this quiz is great for those who need help choosing their starter...and the last question will make you think twice about lying.i suggest you don't follow the results if you don't want that starter, and if you got what you wanted, then great for your journey.

When is it time for you to get yourself a new friend from professor oak?once you get there, you might end out realizing that you forgot to figure out which one you wanted in all the excitement.we can help you choose.

Created by: DratiniQueen
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Where do you want to live
  2. What type of light do u like
  3. What type of trainer are you
  4. What type do u like
  5. When u r battling a gym, what is ur strategy
  6. In the wild u come across a trainer what do u do
  7. You come across a river in ur way to lavender town how do you cross it
  8. How can u fly with ur starters final evolution
  9. At lavender tower u find a gengar who is challenging you what d u do
  10. Did u answer these honestly or did u lie to get the starter u wanted

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Quiz topic: Which kanto starter am I