Which Instrument Are You

Find out which instrument you are! CLARINET...TRUMPET...SAXOPHONE,FLUTE

Created by: Soph1e

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  1. You see your friends for the first time in the day. what do you say?
  2. Your teacher announces a pop quiz! You haven't studied! What do you do?
  3. Your crush says hi! You?
  4. You join a club. You're friends say it's wierd. You?
  5. You have to reveal your favourite movie. You and your crushsay yours at the same time. You?
  6. Your dairy is stolen... by your crush. You?
  7. Your friends abondon you one lunch. You think?
  8. You're broke. All yourfriends have something you want! You decide to...
  9. Almost Done!
  10. Done! How was it?

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Quiz topic: Which Instrument am I