Which Insanely Awesome Tv Or Movie Character Are You?

There are quite a few hilarious television and movie characters out there but I have narrowed them down to just 5. Have you ever wondered what hilarious character you are most like? Well find out!

With this quiz you can answer a few simple questions and discover what character you are inside! This quiz may only fit people with a good sense of humor but is open to anyone! Try it!

Created by: jasoccer10
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What environment do you most prefer out of the following?
  2. What is your biggest quirk?
  3. If someone insulted you what would you say?
  4. Who are you in your group of friends?
  5. Your biggest fear out of the following is...
  6. What is your favorite animal out of the following?
  7. You most prefer...
  8. Your favorite food is...
  9. Your best quality besides your sense of humor is...
  10. If you discovered a new planet you would name it after...
  11. What is your favorite phrase?

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Quiz topic: Which Insanely Awesome Tv Or Movie Character am I?