Which InkyFace character are you?

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Ever wondered which character from InkyFace you may be alike? No? Well I’m still giving you the possibility of finding that out!Me, Inky, has made a quiz so you can find that out! It’s fun, I promise :)

Answer some questions and find out which of the silly characters you are! Is it Axil perhaps? Maybe Dorito? Who knows.... UNLESS YOU TAKE THE TEST TEEHEE

Created by: Inky of InkyFaces Instagram!
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  1. What would you do on a Saturday afternoon?
  2. Which color is your favorite out of these?
  3. Which one of these words describes you the most?
  4. Where would you like to live?
  5. Pick an animal
  6. Pick a food
  7. Pick a beverage
  8. Choose your music taste
  9. Pick a weakness
  10. Choose a meme

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Quiz topic: Which InkyFace character am I?