Which iconic blonde are you?

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this is a quiz based on iconic blondes to see which one you are ! πŸ’•πŸ’• I will be asking questions which will define who you get (please answer truthfully )have fun

Just click the answer you want to choose ! There will be 10 questions in total and it won’t take long ! This quiz is based on my opinion so please no hate! πŸ’•

Created by: Ivy
  1. what is your go to for your lips ?
  2. your going to a party what are you wearing ?
  3. your besties boyfriend cheated on her ! What are you doing?
  4. if somebody backstabs you what do you do?
  5. sweet or salty?
  6. what is your go to body mists /pefumes?
  7. fav designer brand?
  8. what emoji is in your recently used ?
  9. who is your favourite ?
  10. And finally,which do you prefer makeup or skincare

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Quiz topic: Which iconic blonde am I?