Which HoO character are you?

Konichiwa! Welcome to Which Hero of Olympus character are you! You could be one of the 7 or Nico, Thalia, or Reyna! Either way your still a cool person!

This quiz will have 12 question! Please answer all of them truthfully. There will be stuff like how you wanna look like or fave HoO ship and such.So Goode luck and get started!

Created by: Kairi

  1. What is your fatal flaw
  2. Godly parent?
  3. Nicknames?
  4. Fave Percy ship?
  5. Leo or Jason
  6. Fave god?
  7. Eye color you want?(Not specific)
  8. Hair Color ya want?
  9. Camp half blood or Camp Jupiter?
  10. Girl character favorite?
  11. Fave male character?
  12. Fave ship?

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Quiz topic: Which HoO character am I?