Which hockey position are you

Step on the field and your worries waste away, Its like the beginning of a whole new day. The whistle blows and the ball is hit, Even the fans have to stand; its impossible to sit. The clicking of the ball becomes your own heartbeat, Youre on a roll when you hear, tweet, tweet. Its not against you, but the other team instead, So you wind up for the free hit looking ahead. You drive the ball with all youve got, Sending it to the circle where your forward takes a shot. The goalies there to clear it out, From the sidelines we can hear coach shout. The whistle is blown, Blue, Time Out. Walking to the huddle, on every face I see a pout. Feeling discouraged, and not knowing what to say, I fell silent as coach began with a cliche You girls can do it, just find it in your heart, We came onto.

Created by: Patrickl

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Left or right handed
  2. How do you hold your pencil
  3. How meany times do you run a week
  4. How good reactions do you have out of a scale 1/5
  5. Are you good at 3D skills
  6. If you play football are you a good goalie
  7. Can you block well
  8. Do you have power on the ball
  9. Are you good at shooting
  10. How many times can you drive the ball round you
  11. Are you good at concentrating
  12. Sprint or long distance which are you better at

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Quiz topic: Which hockey position am I